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Whole Life Insurance

Permanent insurance which never expires or increases in price, while gaining cash value.  Used primarily for final expenses and legacy building.

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Term Life Insurance

Temporary insurance for a set period of time that is generally lower cost.  Used for situations that only last a certain amount of time such as mortgage protection, income protection, and children’s education protection.

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Accidental & Health Insurance

We offer a range of policies which protect you in the event of an accident, a cancer diagnosis, or other unexpected health issues such as heart attacks or strokes.

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No Cost Products

We offer a range of products which our clients need at no cost, with no hidden strings.  These include Last Will & Testaments, Child Safe Kits, and our new AIL Discount Plus Card.

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Dental & Lifestyle Benefits

Our AIL Plus Discount card will give you discounts on a variety of health and wellness services such as discounted prescription drugs, prescription eyewear, dental, lab testing, diabetic supplies, chiropractic services, and much more.

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Tax Planning

Life insurance can be an effective way to mitigate taxes in the event of a death.  Life insurance benefits are normally tax free to the beneficiary and should be used in any comprehensive financial plan.

We identify the best coverage tailored for the individual’s needs, while staying within their budget.